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Renowned architecture & design firms from across South Florida

Gresham Smith

Hurri-K9 Condo

Competing in the “Most Miami” category, our team’s doghouse is comprised of a two-level circular “beach condo”. The ground floor is mostly open and provides a shaded area for larger dogs, while the upper level is enclosed with openings to provide cross ventilation, which is suitable for smaller and medium-sized dogs. The upper level is accessed through an exterior staircase that wraps around the circular structure and is protected with a metallic screen that hugs the stairs and the building’s circular exterior.  In the floor plan, the doghouse looks like the eye of a hurricane.  The elevated living area is protected by a green roof and designed to address local flooding issues while symbolizing the need for climate change awareness.

Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design, Inc

The “A” Frame Luxury Pooch House

Inspired by the iconic A-Frame architectural style of homes, we used the geometric A shape to design a luxurious tiny dog home. For our team, the “A” in A-Frame stands for Architecture, Animal and Amazing. The A-Frame design has excellent thermal insulation and is more energy efficient than most architectural structures. We selected wood as the principal material to provide even better insulation and emphasize durability. The side canopy, constructed of clear and white acrylic, creates a contrast with the dark, rigid wooden frame. Acrylic is incorporated throughout the bark house, allowing light to pass seamlessly through this tiny space.

BMA Architects

You’ve Got Mail

We reimagined an iconic doghouse design, transforming the expected into the unexpected. The mailbox-shaped entry portal is formed by a series of slices, orthogonal on the outside and curvilinear inside creating a comfy organic dog den with a breathable façade. Connector panels tie the doghouse slices together serving both as structural bracing and an environmental louver, providing protection from the sun and rain through varied densities and angles. The resulting transparency allows pet parents to see into the design and know if the dog is home or not.

Savino Miller Design Studio

The Pup Pub

The Pup Pub doghouse design is inspired by beer gardens and local breweries, creating a relaxing and eclectic experience for man’s best friend. The unique structure uses recycled beer cans to create a structure that reflects dogs' preferred activities: sleeping and lounging.  Amenities include a cool, shady interior space to nap, a front deck porch for meals, and a green roof for sunbathing and guarding the yard. Our goal was to simultaneously make a home for man’s best friend while repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The ramp is built with reclaimed planks from wood crates, and inside, there is a cozy bed made from recycled sheets and blankets, and a circular window, which is framed with recycled beer tabs. In addition to the botanical print on the beer cans, the house also features pet-safe, low-maintenance plants.

Moonlighter FabLab & DASH student Allen Hasburn

The Bob Barker

An homage to mid-century architecture and 1960’s design, the Bob Barker doghouse is ideal for a small dog with big personality and style. Constructed with durable materials, the wood house is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Openings beneath the slanted roof allow for natural ventilation, while acrylic windows allow natural light inside. Additionally, embedded planters and a pergola provide support for a growing vine and additional foliage. The roof’s black finish adds a modern touch to the home’s nostalgic aesthetic.



In a city as diverse as Miami, there are endless opportunities to live, work and play; it should be no different for pets. The Wynwoof all-in-one pet house and play station extends this lifestyle trio to dogs and cats, offering a “Pawhaus” for resting, a removable agility and training station featuring a climbing wall, and a vibrant “Paw Wall” exterior, which serves as an Instagrammable backdrop for pet photos, as well as an homage to Miami’s world-famous Wynwood Walls.

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